PL Inspires Update

Delivery began at the beginning of the year to selected year 10 pupils in the four designated high schools, St Georges, Unity, Highfield, and Baines. The first lesson was an introductory into resilience, what it looked like, and how we use it in positive ways. The pupils then undertook a series of weekly one-hour lessons, designed to engage people more positively and create situations for them to interact, discuss, and debate certain topics linked into supporting their anxiety and stress around exam preparation.

Lessons have been going well and the pupils are really enjoying the engaging style of delivery.

Kiera Threlfall, Year 10, St Georges High School said. “I’m really enjoying Premier League Inspires, it’s very different from my normal lessons. I get involved a lot more and there are more fun activities but I’m still learning just as much”.

These are some of the topics they have been covering:

  • Managing stress
  • Introduction to the Resilience Framework
  • Coping strategies
  • Anger Management
  • Healthy relationships
  • Creating good habits
  • Real life mental health, this particular lesson was supported by U18 scholars at the club discussing the pressures and anxiety they face learning to become professional footballers.


This is an excellent type of relaxation technique designed to think about the present rather than focus on what has happened or imagining the future. Here is a link to an example the students have been practicing in some lessons.