Physical Education

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that Physical Education can not only help develop physical literacy but also has a child centered holistic approach to developing the individual. Taught correctly it can give pupils the foundations for key life skills that will be support them through their entire life.

We support schools in several different ways:

  • Development of their PE national curriculum model
  • Teacher 1 to 1 curriculum time PE support (Linked into our PLPS)
  • Teacher CPD PE workshops


We have created, delivered and developed a range of PE workshops that support primary school staff with their delivery of PE. The workshops aim to refresh and improve knowledge of the curriculum, as well as providing fresh and innovative ideas on how to deliver PE within their school.

The workshops available include:

  • Incorporating Assessment for Learning
  • Differentiation
  • Attacking and Defending principles
  • Understanding Afpe-s Head-Hands-Heart model
  • General games/activities suitable for PE
  • Key Stage specific National curriculum lesson design and content