Norbreck Primary Academy Player Visit

‘Schools Football Week’

On 4th February 2020 Blackpool FC Community Trust coordinated a player visit at Norbreck Primary Academy (winners of the local EFL Kids Cup Competition) to promote English Schools FA’s initiative ‘Schools Football Week’. The initiative aims to increase engagement in school’s football while also highlighting the benefits children would gain, such as: teaching respect, reducing obesity, reducing stress and provides a sense of pride by taking part in schools football. Norbreck received a visit from two Blackpool FC first team players Sullay Kaikai and Kieran Dewsbury-Hallwho shared their life experiences, rituals and how their football path has brought them to Blackpool.

What do you eat as a pre-match meal?

  • KDH Most of the time I have something light which will give me energy but not stomach-ache. I usually have toast with some sort of topping like egg or beans.
  • SK I am similar, something tasty but not too filling. I have been having Salmon and avocado on toast recently.

Do you get nervous before games?

  • KDH I do have nerves, but I see them more as excitement to do well. It’s a great feeling running out onto the pitch to a crowd of people watching you play football.
  • SK Nerves can be a positive because it means you care about what you are about to do.  A few deep breaths and early touches of the ball helps you settle down.

What the best team you have played against?

  • KDH I have played against Manchester City which was a tough game.
  • SK Manchester Utd, I played against them in an FA Cup reply for Cambridge United which was a great experience.

How did you get into professional football?

  • KDH I started playing football at the age of 5 or 6 and by the age of 8 I was lucky enough to have been scouted by my hometown team Leicester City. I’ve been there ever since and a few weeks ago I was given the chance to make my first team debut. Now that I am on loan at Blackpool FC I am looking forward to seeing where my journey takes me.
  • SK My route was a lot different to Kieran’s but just as enjoyable. I was playing grassroots football up to the age of 15 until I was scouted by my local team Crystal Palace. They gave me my professional debut which is a day I’ll never forget.

Why did you come to Blackpool? 

  • KDH I have only been here a few weeks, but the Club are very ambitious, and I want to play a part in the new chapter for Blackpool.
  • SK Ambition shown by the management team and the Owner shows that this club is only going one way, we have a great squad, lovely stadium and fans that deserve to be in a higher league.

The players stayed for some group photos and autographs before wishing the Norbreck team good luck in the Regional Kids Cup Final held at Accrington Stanley next month.

“It’s great that the players have taken time out to come and speak to the boys. They shared some valuable knowledge on what it takes to be a professional footballer and how best to prepare for games.”  Chris Debar – Physical Education Manager

The football team will continue to be supported by Blackpool FC Community Trust with weekly training sessions after school, up until the finals in mid-March.

For more information on Blackpool FC Community Trust: Call: 01253 348 691 follow BFCCT on social media.