NCS: Youth Board

Blackpool FC Community Trust NCS Graduate Opportunities 

Here at Blackpool FC Community Trust we offer additional opportunities for NCS Graduate can get involved in.  We have our NCS Youth Board, Local Action Group and NCS Action Days.

What is the Youth Board? – Our Youth Board and Local Action Group are a combined group that do different activities every two weeks ranging from, social action planning, discussion-based topics, skills and awareness, plus more. We have a laugh and have fun every time the group is on and everyone has the same aims and goals which is to make a difference within the local community and leave a legacy.

Who can join? – Anyone who has completed an NCS programme from the ages of 16+ can join. This can be from the summer Keep Doing Good programme or programmes that took place in 2019 or even earlier. The majority of our group consists of young people who completed NCS in the summer of 2019 however we also have new members from 2020 Keep Doing Good summer programme.

Can I join if I never did NCS with Blackpool FC Community Trust? – The answer to this is YES! If you live in Blackpool and completed an NCS programme you can still join us as we are now the ONLY NCS provider who deliver a Youth Board or Local Action Group within Blackpool!

Where could this lead to? – If you loved NCS and want to continue leaving your legacy, then this would be perfect for you.  We plan and deliver different social action projects so you can make a difference and leave your mark. With your efforts there is a huge chance this could lead to further opportunities within the community trust and beyond, as well as up skilling your personal development.

How can you join? –  You can email the NCS extension phase coordinator, or ring the office number on 01253 348691 and ask for someone from the NCS team.

When is the next meeting? – The next meeting is on the 9th of October however you can’t just turn up, you must contact the coordinator to confirm your attendance.

For any more information, please contact the NCS Team on the office number above.