NCS Youth Board Update

Our NCS Youth Board / Local Action Group met up on Thursday and started to discuss different key issues and problems within the town off Blackpool.

The group decided to focus on homelessness discussing:

–  What are the causes of homelessness

–  Why is homelessness an issue in Blackpool?

–  What can you do to make a difference?

–  What organisations are there at already help tackle homelessness?

It was great to listen to the conversations the young people had and the knowledge they shared as to why homelessness occurs, what organisations in the town already help with reducing homelessness and what can they do to help as a team to leave their mark.

The group are also planning a social action to deliver around the Christmas time, and they came up with some brilliant ways to help tackle homelessness.

The group voted on the idea they thought was the most realistic and the best planned.

Youth Board members Laura Pratley and Holly Heslop planned a project around creating winter hampers for the homeless which have essential goods such as, socks, blankets, hand wipes, hat/scarf/gloves, hygienic items.

The group will plan different ways to raise the money for this project to go ahead, like an overnight sleep over and a sponsored walk from Cleveleys to Blackpool.

If you are a NCS Graduate and interested in getting involved, then contact us on (Number) or email our graduate coordinator –