NCS Autumn Activities

Blackpool FC Community Trust run the National Citizen Service programme which consists of an away residential, a home residential and social action project including both planning and delivery.

Following on from a successful summer, we go into the autumn phase where we have taken students from Blackpool & Fylde College on another adventure.

Public Services Wave

Our first wave consisted of 45 public service students heading up to Rock UK which is in the Scottish Borders. Whilst they were there, they got involved in many activities such as Mounting Biking, Canoeing, Rock Climbing and much more. This was a chance for them to conquer fears and try new experiences so they can make long lasting memories.

For week two they participated in different group activities that would educate them about the community around them as well as raise awareness about problems that people may face.

Activ8 Self Defencedelivered a hard hitting workshop to all students which shown them the fundamentals of how to defend yourself if approached in public, as well as discussing knife crime and showing the students how to disarm someone with a knife. Ross McWilliam, a motivational speaker, delivered a workshop on mental health and self-being, educating the young people about the different areas of mental health and strategies to help.”

Katy Hooton, Social Inclusion Officer, said: ‘With public services being such a demanding course, we were really looking for these participants to tackle each activity head on. That’s what they did. Each young person took on every activity without question and pushed themselves beyond any expectation. With the help, guidance and support of the staff/leaders, that were along side their groups, every individual was able to conquer any fear they may have had.

As a group they were able to learn a variety of skills from team work to communication, to helping encourage a teammate when they’re struggling, to life lessons such as cleaning up after themselves, self-defence and how to deal with certain situations they may be faced with throughout life. A fantastic effort from all Public Service students.’


Throughout November this group will deliver their social action project.  They have decided to run a charity fundraiser to raise awareness of the armed forces and to commemorate Remembrance Sunday and the local Aboretum.

Gateway Wave

After a very exciting Autumn Wave 1, we hosted Wave 2 for the Gateway Campus.

We took 13 young people away to ROCK UK.

They participated in different activities: abseiling, high ropes, zip line and many more.

For their week two experience, we went to House of Wingz where the young people participated in a workshop involving; dancing, graffiti art, creating their own rap and recording it in a top of the range studio.

The group also participated in a self defence class, where they were able to learn different skills as well as develop their knowledge on knife crime.

As their phase 2 came to a close, the group participated in a You Vs Train workshop. They were educated on train safety and what dangers they can face if they make the wrong decision by going out on the track. In small groups the discussed and fed back on what the dangers were and how to be safer around train systems.

Joe Stockell, Inclusion Officer said‘Over the past two weeks all participants from the Gateway campus, that have completed our NCS programme, have been phenomenal. From individually stepping out of their comfort zones, to breaking down barriers and fears of their own and achieving above and beyond any goal they, or the staff, helped them to set. To working fantastically as a group, encouraging and helping each other to gain the best out of this experience, that will then help them to build for later in life.

Each young person should be extremely proud of themselves.”

For more information about NCS call 01253 348 691, visit: follow BFCCT on social media