The global pandemic has had a huge impact on companies around the world, for example, it has changed how Blackpool FC Community Trust have been delivering their sessions, from being face-to-face to Zoom calls. The pandemic has been challenging for our Kickstarter, Jordan, mainly due to the impact it has had on his mental health, Jordan was also struggling to find work prior to the global pandemic, and this became even harder throughout due to the lockdowns and restrictions.

Jordan Fallows, the 25-year-old, moved to Blackpool seven years ago in the hopes of a fresh start. During his time in Blackpool, he has gained qualifications, work experience, and taught himself the necessary skills to help him find a job he loves. Thanks to the Kickstarter Scheme, Jordan was able to do exactly that.

“The Kickstarter Scheme has helped me find a job in something I really enjoy doing,” said Jordan, “If I didn’t hear about this scheme, I’d probably still be applying for jobs at home and not getting anywhere.”

“The pandemic has been tough to deal with, I suffer from depression and anxiety and being locked down, looking at the same four walls, having nothing to do and no one to talk to didn’t help me. Thankfully, I got offered an interview at Blackpool FC Community Trust, to join them as a Marketing & Communications Assistant on a 6-month contract.”­­­

Jordan already has a background in Photoshop, which is one of the main programs we use, and we will continue to help him develop these skills further to help him in the future.

“I used to use Photoshop all the time for YouTube banners or making various graphics for people I met online.” said Jordan, “It’s definitely something I want to pursue as a full-time career, with the right people behind me I can develop my skills further and make that a reality.”

“My time here at Blackpool FC Community Trust has been great, I have been involved in many small and large tasks, one of them being the POOL Together magazine which was difficult for me in the beginning as I had never used InDesign before. However, I managed to get the hang of it quickly and I really enjoyed the process of making the magazine and seeing it fall into place.”

“I also created the new staff IDs, designed and update the staff structure, as well as designed things for social media. I have been hard at work on the next version of POOL Together, which is set to go out later in December.”

Jordan’s temporary contract came to an end in early November, due to his continuous hard work and dedication he was offered a permanent position. Taking on a 25-hour, part-time contract with the Trust as our Marketing, Communications and Administration Officer.

Since then, Jordan has been enrolled on an apprenticeship within the Trust and studies towards a Level 3 Business Admin qualification.