Helping to improve the health of our community

This is James. James is a lifelong Blackpool FC fan, holding a season ticket in the north stand of Bloomfield Road. James saw the advert for FIT Blackpool via Blackpool FC and wanted to make a change to his lifestyle, registering for the programme.

When James came for his first session, he completed the registration information and had his baseline measurements taken. He was not happy with the measurements and was determined to make an effort to improve those figures.  He was eating an average of three takeaways and several cakes and biscuits, with little amounts of food that hold nutritional value. As well as leading a life with little nutrition, he was not as active as he would have liked to be.

James started FIT Blackpool in September 2021. FIT Blackpool is a free 12-week weight management programme that combines both classroom-based interventions with physical activity, to help provide immediate and sustainable results. Some topics covered are nutrition, barriers to exercise, alcohol, importance of an active lifestyle, as well as more specific topics like reading food levels correctly and knowing exactly what to look out for in our food. The physical activity consisted of a combination of circuit training and team sports.

James consistently attended the sessions, and the changes that he made to his lifestyle was evident. Each week, he was putting what was discussed in the FIT Blackpool sessions into practice. By Week 6, he had already lost 4.7kg (10.3lb) and continued his progress, losing a further 8.2kg in the second six weeks of the programme. In total, James lost 12.9kg (28.4lb).

James saw a massive change in his physical appearance, losing 26cm from his waist measurements. He had seen this massive change in weight from making small but achievable changes to his everyday life. Cutting out takeaways, eating foods of nutritional value (5 portions of fruit and veg per day), as well as being much more active. He also purchased a gym membership, and had been regularly going four days a week, as well as his weekly workout as part of FIT Blackpool.

When FIT Blackpool finishes, participants are told about three month reviews, where baseline measurements are taken again. This is to measure how much of an impact the programme has had in a sustainable way. James had continued his weight loss journey, losing a further 6.9kg (15.2lb). His waist measurement had dropped by another 6cm. This meant that he had lost a total of 19.8kg (43.6lb) in weight. James had also lost 32cm from his waist by sustaining his progress after his 12 weeks had ended and plans to continue with his new lifestyle. James is continuing to work towards his 12-month review.

Seb Draper, Community Engagement Team Leader, said: “It was amazing to support James throughout the FIT Blackpool. From start to finish, he continually made changes to his lifestyle and the benefits speak for themselves. FIT Blackpool is about sustaining the changes made after the 12 weeks has finished, which is exactly what James has done. He has maintained his increased level of physical activity, alongside the lifestyle changes he made as part of Fit Blackpool”.

Do you want to be supported to make healthy lifestyle changes that can have an impact on your life?  Our next Fit Blackpool programme for males starts next Thursday 22nd September 2022.  For more information please contact Blackpool FC Community Trust on: 01253 348 691, email or follow BFCCT on social media.