Hear From A Participant

Over the last week our Sports Camps have taken place at Unity Academy and Hawes Side Academy. We thought you might want to hear from a few of the children who attend. Keep checking back as we will be adding more as they come in.


I have really enjoyed Sports Camp.  There is a variety of different ages.  This is my first time at sports camp and I would definitely recommend it.  I have made new friends whilst doing sports.  My favourite leaders were Paige and Jack, they were very helpful and I learnt new sports.

We had a lot of free time and also a good amount of time playing sports.  The team were split evenly and fairly.  I Had a good exercise today and I am excited to come again in the future.  I think this is a good opportunity for any age because there is a wide range of sports and games throughout the day.  I am thrilled to have met new people doing something I wouldn’t normally choose to do and it was worth it.  I enjoyed the new opportunities. The leaders were very supportive and they made me feel happy to come back.  Through lunchtime we got to watch a film giving people the chance to calm down.

There were some amazing friends there and they had come before so were very welcoming.  I would definitely come back and overall I would say the experience was so worth it.  I would say that it was like one big family and I can’t wait to come back and meet more amazing people.

Thank you to everyone there for making it so enjoyable.
– Ellie ( 12 years old)

I have been coming to Sports Camp for 4 years. I went to Sports Camp at Montgomery and Hawes Side Academy and Marton and Norbreck.  I love dancing.  We sometimes do Just Dance with my friends. I like it a lot.  We have fun and a laugh.  I was nervous the first time I came.  The staff was lovely. – Toni Clifford (10 years old)