GULP Challenge Returns

Following on from the success of the last three years we are happy to let you know that the Fit2Go Team will be launching the GULP Challenge 2020 w/c 2nd March.  

The GULP (Give Up Loving Pop) Challenge is a fantastic free health campaign from Food Active, Blackpool Public Health and The Community Trust which aims to raise awareness of the health harms associated with over consumption of sugary drinks.  While many people are aware of the negative impact that sugary drinks have on teeth, fewer are aware of the link between the over consumption of sugary drinks and weight gain.

This programme now engages all Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 children across Blackpool Primary Schools.  Our health team and the ‘Fit2Go’ brand encourage children to “Give Up Loving Pop” and to think about drinking healthier alternatives.

Children are given a GULP diary and free water bottle. Diaries are collected at the end of 21-day campaign to help monitor their progress. The class who achieved the most pop free days and returned their diaries to us were awarded with a FREE trip to Blackpool High Ropes.

The GULP Challenge has and continues to be a huge success in Blackpool and with the support of Blackpool Public Heath we are able to reinforce the health message year on year. This continuation is key to influence a change of habit in our community.

“We see the conscious decision by pupils to pick up their water bottles and enjoy making healthy choices. We are encouraged by teachers and parents’ engagement in reinforcing our health messages.” – Marc Joseph, Head of Early Years Provision and Primary Provision

Jay Spearing, Blackpool FC Captain and our Health Ambassador, endorses the campaign along with the rest of the squad, “This is a great idea to teach children about the importance of healthy choices in their diet. Good luck to all the children who are taking part”.