GET VOCAL – A men’s mental health support group that provides a safe space for men to come together and talk to peers, in a non-judgmental setting is to launch a powerful new podcast series. The group was first launched in October, on World Mental Health Day, and has provided weekly sessions for men every Monday evening between 6-8pm in the North Stand Community Hub at Bloomfield Road Stadium.  

This inspiring and informative initiative aims to raise awareness, foster open conversations, and provide valuable resources to support the well-being of men from far and wide who may not be able to attend our face to face sessions.

The podcast will be hosted by Jack Sprigg and Callum Taylor (Let’s just talk podcast), together with special guests, aiming to get men talking about their mental health. The topics discussed will include relationships, fatherhood, burnout, grief, and depression, in addition to thoughtful conversations about creativity. ‘Get Vocal Podcast’ is set to explore various topics related to men’s mental health, including stress management, emotional intelligence, self-care, relationships, and seeking help. Each episode will feature thought-provoking discussions, expert insights, and personal anecdotes, providing a safe space for men to connect, learn, and grow.

The first episode of “Get Vocal” which will be launched by a local independent author and spoken artist Nathan Parker will be available on 11th August, and subsequent episodes will be released on a monthly basis. The podcast can be accessed on Spotify & Apple platforms plus YouTube for the video.  Listeners are encouraged to share their thoughts and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #GetVocalPodcast.

Nathan Parker said:

 “I’m delighted that Blackpool FC Community Trust are utilising podcasts as a way of broadening the conversation around mental health. Personally, figuring out how to talk and express myself about my struggles has been pivotal to my management of depression and anxiety and it’s a real privilege to be invited to feature on episode one of this exciting venture”.

Matt Hilton, Deputy CEO at Blackpool FC Community Trust said:

We recognised the need for a platform that specifically addresses men’s mental health and encourages open dialogue on these crucial topics. By launching this podcast, we aim to create a supportive community and provide men with the tools and knowledge to navigate their mental well-being with confidence and resilience.”

The launch of ‘Get Vocal Podcast’ marks a significant step forward in addressing the unique mental health challenges faced by men. By providing a platform that combines expertise, personal stories, and practical advice, this podcast promises to make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

For more information about Blackpool FC Community Trust: Visit:, call 01253 348 691, or follow BFCCT on social media.