Fit2Go Festival 2022

We deliver Fit2Go to Year 4 pupils in Blackpool Primary Schools every year. The six-week programme aims to encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle, take part in regular physical activity and join in with sports clubs and community programmes to ultimately improve their health and wellbeing.

Funded by NHS Blackpool and ourselves, Fit2Go involves a range of activities delivered to young people and their families in school and community settings.

This year Fit2go has been delivered to Year 4 pupils in every Blackpool primary school. Over six weeks pupils have taken part in:

  • Healthy lifestyle classroom-based sessions
  • Physical activity sessions organised around the school day
  • Extracurricular sessions after school
  • Family health workshops



This week we held their end of programme celebration festival at Bloomfield Road. Our annual Fit2Go festival saw groups of nearly 300 pupils at each morning and afternoon session. Over the course of three days, pupils took part in numerous activities.

Activities included; hoop ball, dancing, dodgeball, an athletics course and more.

The festival was a huge success with almost 1000 Year 4 pupils visiting throughout the week. All the children and staff had a fantastic experience at Bloomfield Road in the sunshine taking part in a multitude of activities.



David Small, Year 4 teacher at Bispham Endowed Primary School, spoke about how events like Fit2Go impact young people in Blackpool,

“I think it just brings on their confidence. First of all, they know the importance of eating properly, getting the proper diet and getting enough exercise during the day, which is really good for resilience, really good for your mental health and also the confidence to take part in activities that perhaps they wouldn’t consider taking part in any other time. It’s really good for their self-confidence and it makes them happy.”


One of the pupils from St Nicholas C of E Primary School mentioned the changes they have made to their lifestyle after completing Fit2Go,

“I’ve started to eat healthier and have more fruit in my packed lunch, and I’ve started playing football after school, I never used to do that.”


Rosie our Health and Wellbeing Team Leader, who lead the event, said,

“We haven’t been able to deliver our Fit2Go Festival for two years because of the pandemic, so it’s really good to see all the children back here enjoying themselves. We’ve had over a thousand children here for the festival over the past three days, and they’ve enjoyed dodgeball, no net ball, athletics, dancing and a tour of Blackpool FC’s first team dressing room so the children got the opportunity to partake in lots of physical activity, which was really good for young children in Blackpool.”


We would like to thank all the schools for attending, and the volunteers and staff who helped out with the event, contributing to the smooth running throughout.

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