FIT BLACKPOOL | Six Week Challenge

As part of our continued support for Fit Blackpool participants they are able to progress on to the Keep Fit programme. The aim of this is to encourage participants to maintain their hard work and support them to continue with healthy habits.

Earlier this year we challenged participants to restart the year right and work on a healthy heart, healthy body, healthy mind. We challenged them to set weekly SMART goals to get them ready for the road map out of lockdown and we have seen great results from this. Mark said “I am making better food choices now and feel more focused. I am really looking forward to face-to-face sessions again.”

Anita mentioned “The six-week challenge has helped me to get active again and being committed to doing the virtual sessions provided by BFCCT has helped me to be active 5 days a week with a great variety provided.”

Emma was really pleased to see what she had achieved and stated, “I am down 10lbs in six weeks and feeling great for it. I am really motivated now to stay consistent and keep going with my weight loss journey. It has been great to have the support of the group and Louise for those days when you are struggling.”

Going forward we will be running another Fit Blackpool programme which will start in May. You can find out more information about the Fit Fans programme by contacting Seb Draper or Kim Follows on

We will also continue developing our maintenance sessions by offering a variety of activities that participants can join when they graduate and move forward supporting each other. Our participants are encouraged to buddy up and do activities outside of the trust, a prime example of this is Anita & Jo who now meet and walk outdoors once a week as well as join in our virtual sessions. We have some keen cyclists in the previous group who will hopefully be able to get some rides together when restrictions change.

Louise said “It’s a fantastic programme and it’s great to see the participant’s getting the results they are looking for as well as becoming fitter, healthier and more confident in what they can achieve. Also watching the friendships develop and the team moral and support they have for each other grow. I am very lucky that I get to do this as a job, to support people who want to create a healthier lifestyle not only for themselves but their families.”

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