First Female FFIT Programme Completed

The first Female Football Fans in Training (FFIT) programme has just been completed at Bloomfield Road, only the second programme of this kind to run in the country.

FFIT is a healthy weight management programme delivered by Blackpool FC Community Trust in partnership with the Scottish Professional Football League Trust and is funded by Healthy Hearts.

The programme is delivered across 13-week period and is specifically designed to improve health and increase physical activity.

There are courses available for males and females aged 35-65, with a waist size 38 inches or above (measurements taken from belly button) as well as a BMI of 28 or over.

The programme includes an initial health check and the following weekly sessions are split between classroom health education and physical activity sessions. Support is provided throughout, and after the programme, through weekly communication, nutrition advice, guidance to further activities and 3 and 6 month follow ups.

The main aims of the programme are to:

  • Increase knowledge of diet and nutrition
  • Improve lifestyle choices
  • Increase physical activity amongst participants each week
  • Reduce weight and waist measurements
  • Increase engagement in other physical activity

Nine females completed the programme and collectively, lost a combined weight of 30.5kg and a total of 30.3cm from their waist.

One participant Emma, lost an impressive 10.2kg. Prior to the programme, Emma was very sedentary and was scared of doing exercise. “I was really scared about how unfit I was and just going up the stairs, I was out of breath. 

“I joined the programme wanting to increase my exercise and improve my fitness. I thought this would be the perfect place to start.”

The classroom sessions got Emma involved in group discussions and there has been a significant change in her confidence. Furthermore, Emma’s determination and motivation in the physical activity sessions have shown how hard work can help reach our goals.

Emma added “It’s been life changing. It’s helped me with my anxiety and made me feel so much better. It’s the first thing I’ve done for myself and it’s been brilliant. The support from the team at Blackpool FC Community Trust and the other girls in the group has been amazing. I would recommend the programme to anyone.”

The next step for Emma and the rest of the group will be to continue to keep healthy and active with an aim to complete the 5k Pretty Mudder Race for Life in September 2019.

Alexandra who is the Head of Healthy Hearts who are funders of the female FFIT programme, visited on week 5 and said “I go round the whole country visiting grant projects and I can honestly say that this is the best I’ve seen in such a long time. The relationships which have been built in only 4 weeks are incredible, along with the support the team are offering is so commendable. They are all losing weight and working on making sustained changes, despite the personal and physical barriers they face.”

Everyone at Blackpool FC Community Trust would like to congratulate all of our Female FFIT participants for performing so brilliantly on our first female programme.

If you are interested in joining in with the next programme, due to start in August 2019, please contact or call 01253 348691.