EFL WEEK OF ACTION: College visit Blackpool FC Players

Blackpool FC Sports College provides further education to young people who have an interest in the industry of sport. Our students, not only achieve outstanding grades but secure the best progression into Higher Education and employment.

Studying at Blackpool FC Sports College gives students the unique opportunity to learn within a functioning sports organisation, based within a professional football stadium. This means our students can speak to and learn from professionals who are working in the sport, fitness, and leisure sector.

As part of EFL Week of Action, Blackpool FC invited a selection of our college students to visit their training ground and observe the first team players during an hour-long training session. This was an incredible experience for all the students who witnessed how a football club runs behind the scenes, how training sessions function and what coaches do to support and improve their players.

Michael Brown, our Enrichment and Recruitment Manager said,

“Today has been a fantastic opportunity for the Blackpool Fc Sports College students. It has been great to visit the training ground of Blackpool FC, meet the first team players, and see how the coaches run a professional training session. It’s a unique experience for them as they get to see a lot of positive male role models in person.”

All of the students found this experience to be very helpful for their courses and future careers. Hear from them:

Christian Bracegirdle, a student at Blackpool FC Sports College said:

“I’m studying for a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Football Coaching. After college, I hope to go on to study for a degree with Blackpool FC Sports College and then potentially delve into a job in football coaching. Opportunities such as visiting Blackpool FC’s training ground and watching a full training session are brilliant. It gives everyone an insight into what life is like at a football club and it’s nice to explore whether it’s a route I would like to go down as a career.”

Ben Atkinson, another student at Blackpool FC Sports College had this to say about his experience visiting and watching Blackpool FC train:

“As my college course, I’m studying a Level 3 BTEC Sport Extended Diploma. In the future, I hope to become a football coach at any level, whether it’s at Grassroots, Semi-Professional or anywhere around Blackpool. With opportunities like these where I’m watching coaches lead a training session with the official Blackpool football team, I can gain valuable experience and tips to help develop my skills and ideas.”

Matty Halford, a Blackpool FC Sports College student said:

“At Blackpool FC Sports College, I am studying for a Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Sports Coaching and Development. After the completion of my course, I want to study sports at a university and then hopefully begin my journey toward my dream job. My dream job is to work within a sports academy or alongside coaches for professional clubs. This opportunity has been great, gaining an insight into what players are like and how they will interact with me when I’m older, hopefully working in my dream job.”

Over the next few months we will be holding Open Evenings for students who would like to join Blackpool FC Sports College in September. If you would like any information about our college then please contact: Michael.brown@bfcct.co.uk