Community Cohesion September Round Up

It’s been a busy September for the Cohesion team, but here are some of our highlights!

⭐ Welcome Jordan.  Jordan has started as a new Community Cohesion Mentor on the Tower Above programme. He will be mentoring young people between the ages of 8-12, who are on the peripheries or early stages of anti-social behaviour and crime. He brings with him a lot of enthusiasm and experience from formally working on the Divert Youth project with another community trust. Welcome to the team!

Dan has welcomed two new young people onto the Tower Above programme. We’d like to say a big hello to both Elliott and Hunter who start their journey with BFCCT. Dan has also had fantastic success from one of his young people, who has made some brilliant changes in his personal life. Kody has been trying incredibly hard to make sure his life is moving in the right direction. He has formed a new group of friends to take him away from negative peers/role models, his behaviour has improved incredibly at both home and school and to show their appreciation, Kody’s parents have taken him on a cruise around the British Isles and a flight over to Cork, Ireland, for a weekend away.

Dan had this to say,

“I am incredibly proud of Kody. He attends every session without fail with a huge smile on his face. He engages brilliantly and takes everything learnt away with him, and this can be shown by the fantastic changes he continues to make. Well done Kody and keep up the hard work!”.

⭐  Ellie has been receiving praise for the hard work and dedication she has given to her participants on Divert Youth! Leonie has been working with Ellie for a number of weeks. They have been focusing on the areas of community safety, regulating emotions and self-confidence. Leonie has now reached the halfway point of her programme and to say thank you to Ellie for all of her hard work, Leonie created a card to express her appreciation!

Jamie has been busy engaging with 18-25 year olds who are on the Divert programme, encouraging them to take part in activities such as; football and a physical exercise at the gym. That’s not all our Divert Coach has been doing, he has also been helping others on his caseload find employment, provided help researching university courses and voluntary work and even supporting a young person find suitable accommodation. To top off a busy month, Jamie has also attended the RANK conference in Leeds with Community Cohesion Manager, Brett and Community Navigation Manager Rachael, as well as visiting prisons for new referrals.