CEO: We Will Remember Them

This week we have been utilising our Vets programmes and provision to develop ways to display our remembrance for those that gave their lives in the first world war.  This included us laying wreath at the Fylde Memorial Arboretum in Moor Park, where we maintain a part of the site which recognises the six Blackpool FC footballers that were killed in the great war.

We also worked closely with the football club to develop a video and share experiences with the players to lay a wreath on the pitch, which was then showed to both sets of players before our cup game against Leeds under 23’s on Wednesday 11th.

This was all done because in normal circumstances we deliver a full service on the appropriate home game, nearest to the 11th, which for obvious reason we could not do behind closed doors this year.

We also delivered a memorial session at the Arboretum on Wednesday, for local vets to link in, virtually, and take part in a session of respect.

I hope our presentations allowed us to still show our gratitude and respect.

This was all done as part of our provision dedicated to local veterans and serviceman to; engage in community activity, to reduce social isolation, engage in positive activity and also now our Forces Football. We hope we can restart this in early December, after delivering virtual social groups in November, to keep everyone in touch.

This week also sees the annual Children in Need event. They support us greatly with funding to deliver a host of community physical activity sessions for early years children (aged 3-6) and also our disability programme, which delivers sports activities in local special schools and also allows us to develop and deliver community based sports clubs for children living with disabilities.

I thought it was important to raise this, as it would be great if people can support in any way and know some part of that is helping local Blackpool children.