CEO: "We are still supporting many young people throughout this pandemic"

The new lockdown has had an enormous effect on the work we do with schools to help our local young people.

Usually our team regularly visit every school in the town, including all primary, secondary and special education establishments, delivering free provisions including Fit2Go, Unstoppable and PL Inspires, we then expand this offer with our PL Primary Stars programme and many other services including NCS and our Alternate Education Support.

With schools having to close to the majority of pupils this has obviously meant we have had to change what and how we deliver some of these programmes, but in difference to the first lockdown last year, external providers have been allowed to continue to support schools, in person, that need the help.

This has meant we continue to support PE services and PHSE sessions in a large amount of schools we deliver with in the primary setting, still attending throughout the week and our support in special schools has continued in most settings, either in person or with virtual sessions, similar to how many follow Joe Wicks.

We have also launched a new programme in local secondary schools, which focuses our attentions to attending each of the eight schools in Blackpool, for two days a week, to focus on pupils mental health, build resilience and support with general welfare.

This programme launched on 4th January (not ideal timing, with a new lockdown announced that evening), but we have continued to attend six of the schools since then and deliver virtually in one of the others, making student welfare calls and delivering one-to-one mentoring.

It’s meant we are still supporting many young people throughout this pandemic and when large amounts of the country are generally panicked about our young peoples futures, we have tried to be practical and productive in making sure we continue to help, where we can, safely and appropriately.

Did you know?

Next week is Children’s Mental Health Week. We deliver a range of programmes that help support positive mental health for your children across Blackpool:

Fit2Go | Unstoppable | Tower Above | Online Mentoring | PL Inspires