Blackpool FC Sports College student takes on running challenge

Back in June 2022, Zach had a bad leg break whilst playing football which resulted in having a lot of time out of the sports he loved. This was a huge setback for Zach as he couldn’t do any physical activity for six months. However, this made Zach more determined, and he decided it was time to make a comeback and set a goal to regain his fitness. This decision marked the beginning of a challenging yet rewarding journey to overcome the effects of the injury and rebuild his strength and endurance.

Due to Zach’s running ability, he was asked to attend an international challenge with Blackpool Running Club, in Lanzarote at Club La Santa, a sporting complex for various sporting opportunities. During his time away, Zach competed in a 4K night run, a 10K run, 13K ridge run, 5K beach run and a half marathon.

Each of these races presents its own unique challenges, from different terrains to varying distances, and Zach’s ability to excel in each reflects his well-rounded athletic capabilities. Some days the temperature was extremally hot, but Zach powered on through, and came 1st overall in his age group. Winning first place for his age group amidst such competition is a testament to Zach’s hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Zach had also lost a very close family friend during this time which motivated him to succeed. Zack said,

“I just wanted to do it for them. This gave me the drive to attend all my training sessions and try my best. Without the support from college, running coaches and my family I wouldn’t have been able to get my fitness to where it is today.”

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