Blackpool FC Sports College: More than just a classroom

Blackpool FC Sports College offer two degree courses, a Foundation Degree in Community Football Coaching and Development and a Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching and Development with the opportunity to top up and gain a BSc Hons.  As part of the course, students are offered the opportunity to take on unique work placements across a wide range of sporting contexts.

Toby Gough, a 2nd year degree student on the FD Community Football Coaching and Development Course is currently gaining work experience on the Unified football sessions which is part of the Every Player Counts programme for those living with disabilities funded by the EFL Trust.

Toby said, “completing the degree course at Blackpool FC Sports College not only gives me a great qualification but the most valuable experiences as they offer a wide range of activities, fitness programmes and community sports teams that I can attend and build my coaching skills. Being able to work alongside the experienced and highly qualified staff combined with the degree provides a great CV for future coaching or sport related careers. The Unified session has allowed me to coach within a different cohort of participants and pushes me to differentiate my coaching techniques. I have been able to meet new people so my confidence and ability to interact in social situations has massively improved. I love coaching the sessions as it creates an amazing community hub for people to get involved in sport and I play a key role in that. It is essential for my future path as I want to continue promoting fitness and sport activities through the enjoyment of football as well as bringing people together. This is something I am passionate about”. 

Joe Preston also attends the Blackpool FC Sports College and is a 1st year on the FD Sports Coaching and Development course. He is currently working with Blackpool FC Sports College as part of the BTEC football training programme which offers 16 to 18 year olds the chance to train weekly and be part of the College and Education Football Alliance league (CEFA) affiliated with the EFL Trust.

Joe said, “This coaching placement is great for me as it gives me valuable experience with a different age group to what I have coached previously and has a specific focus on football. It has allowed me to adapt and challenge my coaching skills and techniques which has really improved my confidence”. 

Are you passionate about a career in sport or coaching? If so, come and study for a Degree, accredited by The University of South Wales, at Blackpool FC Sports College, part of the biggest sports organisation in Blackpool.

For more information, please contact Sophie Breakell, the degree lead at or call our office on 01253 348691.