Blackpool FC Community Trust can help you ‘Move Into Employment’

Blackpool FC Community Trust are launching a new employability programme to help people move into employment.

The sessions will provide support for people who are searching for work aged 18+. The programme will run for 10 weeks from Friday 6th January 2023 from 10am to 1pm. The course will focus on building resilience and self confidence as well as exploring the job market in and around Blackpool, compiling a CV and taking part in interviews. There is a FREE LUNCH for all participants.

The sessions will support the person as a whole by using a combination of both theory and physical activity to help develop a positive mindset for individuals which will encourage them to move forward in a positive way, impacting their drive to become successful in applying for jobs.

Rachel Leaver, Community Navigation Manager for Blackpool FC Community Trust said: “It is important for people to feel confident to search for jobs and believe that they will be successful when applying. To support mental wellbeing as well as the theory is vital and becoming more physically active is a great way to improve mental as well as physical health.”

If you require anymore information or you would like to take part in the course the please contact Rachel or Brett at or call 07597 786098

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