BFC Sports College Student Q&A with CJ Hamilton

Our Blackpool FC Sports College BTEC students recently attended a Zoom Q&A session with Blackpool FC winger, CJ Hamilton.

The session was designed to provide our students with an educational insight into the lifestyle of a professional footballer and how they manage their physical and mental health. The talk had a significant emphasis on education and employability as CJ discussed his own educational experience and background as a Watford FC Academy scholar. This resonated positively with the students and they were able to determine the extent of dedication and commitment CJ had applied to get to where he is today as a professional footballer.

Lauren Rainford-Reid who currently attends BFC Sports College, said,

“I really enjoyed the talk we had with CJ, it was very educational from many different points. We learnt how CJ manages to stay motivated even at the hardest points and how he works well within a team. It was nice to hear what it’s like for the life of a footballer and how everyone adapts in many different ways. We also learnt how a footballers diet is strict to their body type which was interesting and helps with my course. It was a privilege to speak to CJ.”

CJ was keen to highlight the importance of good nutrition and fitness in order to perform to his potential on the pitch which built the students’ level of understanding towards the significance of a healthy lifestyle and how this links with sports performance.

Our students were keen to know which skills CJ required in order to become a professional footballer, to which he discussed in great detail regarding his level of self-motivation, hard-work and organisation to ensure he got into the Blackpool FC starting XI.

Overall, our students gained some useful lessons relating to employability, education, health and life skills.

Education Officer, Andy Harrison said,

“Our students learnt valuable life lessons from CJ’s approach to his lifestyle and how he values his education. They will now enhance their employability skills in reflection of how they understood CJ’s approach to his professional career in sport.”

CJ Hamilton said,

“It was good to be able to talk to the students about fitness, nutrition and how my education helped boost my own career. I enjoyed sharing my experiences and hope it has given the BFC Sports College students some useful information on how to become more employable in the future.”

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