1 - 1 Mentoring

The Programme

We offer 1:1 mentoring to young people aged 11-16 within the High School setting. Each week students work with their mentor to build their resilience, confidence and self-esteem. Mentor’s help pupils to cope with stress and implement strategies in how to overcome difficulties they may face in their lives. Mentors also act as a facilitator within sessions, encouraging pupils to practise their talents and signposting them to develop their skills at further provision available in the community. Using the Resilience Framework, developed by our partners, Headstart Blackpool, pupils focus on its core values, Basics, Belonging, Learning, Coping and Core Self. Within each core value there are resilient moves that pupils can make and identify with to improve their resilience and broader outlook on life.

High School Hubs

The High School Hub programme is made up of three core programmes which are highlighted below. They provide further support to pupils in Blackpool schools alongside their academic pathways.

1 – 1 Mentoring

We provide 1-1 mentoring to high school pupils in years 7-11. The mentor covers stress and anxiety, behaviour, attendance, with a lot of pupils from challenging environments or backgrounds. Mentors are based in school permanently allowing pupils to drop in whenever they need to.