NCS: Community Projects

On Thursday 8thAugust 2019, NCS took Blackpool in various community projects as they come to the end of their programme with each group targeting a different cause within the Blackpool community. 

The first NCS group ran a tombola in the Hounds Hill, with all proceeds going to Brain House. 
Jasmine Clark, NCS participant, explained, “this affects people as we are targeting a charity for children. I am glad we chose this charity as we get to go around and see where our money is going and what we have done for them”. The group will be heading there later in the week to present £312.59 to the charity.

A marathon around Blackpool FC’s pitch was taken on by group two, who in turn had to do seven laps to make the full marathon. The group raised £100, with all proceeds going towards Donna’s Dream House.



Sophie Lynn, NCS participant, talked about her expectations as they visited Sandycroft Nursing Home as they handed out care packages the group made. “I think it’s a very nice and selfless thing that we get to do. I can imagine it being awkward at the start but when we settle into it, it should be fine”.After handing out care packages and playing Bingo, Sophie said “the experience was scary but even though some of the residents couldn’t respond we know they really appreciated what we have done!”

The final group took part in a sleepout in Blackpool in aid to raise money and awareness for Street Life. The group managed to raise over £450 which will go towards shelters and foodbanks within Blackpool. As well as the sleepout, the group donated food to local food banks. Donna’s Dream House also benefited as the group collected toys for the local charity. 

Overall NCS raised £862 that will go towards their selected charities. All NCS groups made it to graduation on Wednesday 14thAugust, where they were presented with certificates. After the ceremony at BFCCT, the NCS groups were treated to a trip to the Pleasure Beach for all their hard work.

For more information about the NCS programme visit our social media or call 01253 348691 about booking onto the next adventure.