PSHE Programmes

We have a variety of programmes linking to PSHE that can be delivered within the school. These programmes aim to use sport as a tool to help pupils build a variety of useful life skills to help them with the transition of primary to secondary schools.

‘Blackpool Buddies’ gives pupils in years 5/6 the opportunity to create and deliver mini physical activity sessions, whilst understanding how to make the activities safe and fair, in order to boost the participation of younger pupils in the playground at break and lunch times.

Our referee programme uses the position of a referee/official to provide pupils in years 5/6 with confidence, communication skills and conflict management, as well as allowing them to practically experience what it’s like to be a referee.

‘Play the Right Way’ looks at supporting pupils in identifying the most positive way to approach football matches, working together and setting a great example to others on the playground during break and lunch time with a view to helping reduce the number of playground incidents.

These programmes are both aimed at Year 5/6 pupils. For more information contact us on the details provided here. Contact Us