Extra – Curricular Delivery

The schools delivery team have a vast amount of experience in delivering a variety of sports and activities, which schools can take advantage of to increase their extra-curricular provision for the benefit of their pupils. Whether it’s increasing the enrichment programme that the school offer, working with an identified group of pupils or providing extra training to a school team, the Community Trust have the relevant staff to suit the needs of the school.

This type of delivery aims to increase the pupils enjoyment of physical activity and sport, boosting their motivation and confidence to continue their participation both inside and outside of school. Extra-curricular provision can be provided in the form of breakfast clubs, lunch-time activities and after-school clubs.

Specific training can also be offered to welfare staff to increase the amount of high quality physical activity games during lunch-times. Check our School Staff CPD page for more information on how this can be implemented in your school.

To find out more about the types of extra-curricular activities that we can offer within your school, contact the Community Trust using the details here Contact us