Better Start Blackpool Fit2Go

Move, Play & Grow with Your Child

Move, Play & Grow with your child is our FREE four week Healthy Lifestyles programme designed to motivate families, with children 2 – 4 years old, across Blackpool. The program will use fun games and interactive activities to support your child’s social and physical development while increasing family knowledge of the EatWell Guide, healthy snacks, physical activity and oral health. Working in partnership with Better Start Blackpool, the programme is delivered by Blackpool Football Club Community Trust and runs on consecutive weeks at Blackpool Children’s Centres.

The structure of the programme is as follows:

  • Week 1 – Healthy Eating
  • Week 2 – Snacks and Sugar
  • Week 3 – Oral Health
  • Week 4 – Physical Activity
  • Catch up session (If needed)

Please visit our social media pages or call 01253 348 691 to find out where the sessions are currently taking place.

We will be helping parents/carers to pick up tips and advice on how they can implement skills they have learnt on the programme. This advice covers topics such as label reading, providing ideas of fun physical activities to try at home and how families can lower their sugar and fat intakes. All participants will also be provided with a workbook to guide them through the programme and to keep for reference in the future. Families completing the programme will also be awarded with a Better Start activity pack.

Fit2Go Better Start Case Study 2017/18

Rory Knowles – father of 3 (Lacey 6, Jacey 3 and Logan 4)

Rory Knowles is a young father of three and attended our Better Start Fit2Go healthy lifestyle programme at Revoe Children’s Centre with his dads group ‘Dads 4 Life’. As someone who once led a sporty lifestyle, Rory was always very inquisitive and showed a real interest in how health subjects covered on Better Start Fit2Go would benefit not just him but also his three young children.

“I went to Better Start Fit2Go with an open mind hoping that my children would enjoy the sessions.  The sessions were fun and interactive for both children and parents and the topics covered were relevant to everyone.”

Rory had believed he was making healthy choices for him and his family, until he realised how confusing the packaging was on some of his favourite products.

“It wasn’t long into the label reading session before I realised that what I thought was healthy actually wasn’t. I was totally shocked at the amount of sugar in some of the drinks I was giving the kids and started to make changes for healthier options straight away. The sessions have made shopping trips enjoyable and the children love exploring the different fruits they could try.”

Having completed the Better Start Fit2Go Programme, we were pleased to see Rory and his children attend our Family Fit2Go sessions at Baines Endowed Primary. The Family Fit2Go sessions incorporate health topics and promote physical activity for all of the family.

“Being able to play games and take part in activities with all of the kids has been brilliant and a great way for us to bond. It’s been fun learning together as a family showing each other new skills. I would recommend Fit2Go to any parents.”