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Move, Play & Grow with Your Child is our FREE four week Healthy Lifestyles programme designed to motivate families, with children 2 – 4 years old, across Blackpool. The programme is delivered in school and private nurseries within the 7 most deprived wards in Blackpool. The programme uses fun games and interactive activities to support your child’s social and physical development while increasing family knowledge through a parent workshop.

Working in partnership with Better Start Blackpool, the programme is delivered by Blackpool Football Club Community Trust and runs on consecutive weeks at nurseries across Blackpool.

The structure of the programme is as follows:

  • Week 1 – Healthy Eating
  • Week 2 – Snacks and Sugar
  • Week 3 – Oral Health
  • Week 4 – Physical Activity (followed by a parent workshop)

Hear From A Participant – Josh and Sarah

Sarah Coffey and 4 year old son Josh got involved with the Better Start Move, Play & Grow with your Child healthy lifestyle programme at Devonshire Primary Academy Nursery. Prior to the programme, Sarah had a fair bit of knowledge about the healthy lifestyle topics, however Josh’s knowledge was very limited.

Josh has learnt things he wasn’t aware of like brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes, what drinks are unhealthy and even how to use the Change 4 Life Sugar Smart app when out shopping. It has made me realise that the sugar content in some foods and drinks are worse than I initially thought”.

Since the 4 week programme, Sarah and Josh have started to look for healthier options now that they are more aware of the high sugar contents of some foods they eat.

“We have stopped having sugary drinks and started swapping snacks to healthy options. Sometimes it’s easier to go for a quick fix but we started looking for quicker healthy options”. Sarah and Josh have also started making smoothies and baking at home as healthier options for snacks and drinks.

“The programme has given me a bit of extra knowledge and it’s really helped Josh. It’s keeping him wanting to look at healthy options and he always goes straight to the fruit aisle in the supermarket. He loves doing a lot of sports and fitness as well. He keeps pushing me to keep it up”.

Josh attended every session and always got fully involved with all the activities and games. Josh’s favourite part of the programme was learning about brushing his teeth and being able to learn with his Mum. Sarah also added that

“Josh really enjoyed the Better Start programme at nursery with Zoe and the team. He uses the knowledge he has gained daily. It was lovely to do it with him and learn as a family”.

Having completed the programme, it is obvious that Josh’s health knowledge has improved and that the things he has learnt are continuing to influence his and his mum’s choices every day. We were pleased that Sarah and Josh could attend the Royal Visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, at Revoe Park Community Garden where we were displaying some of the activities we do as part of the programme. It was an honour to be part of the event and great to have Sarah and Josh there.

During a catch up with Sarah and Josh, Sarah said that she has decided to go back to college in September to do something around health and nutrition.

“I’m hoping to do something around health and nutrition and I’d like to eventually be able to do my personal training qualification. After being in a wheelchair last year and now getting my physical strength and mental strength back, I want to help other people.”

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