Tackling Loneliness

Tackling Loneliness Together is a DCMS and EFL Trust funded programme aimed at improving social inclusion and decreasing social isolation across 32 local authority areas, including Blackpool. The aim of the programme is to engage with people who meet certain criteria, which include: 

  • those who are elderly
  • living in a low-income area
  • living with one or more long term health condition or with a disability
  • Widowed or living alone. 

We have numerous offers to support those we engage with including, phone call support, postal offers, online session support, garden gate conversations and NCS local action.

Our postal offer has seen us engage with Blackpool FC season ticket holders, offering support to them if and where needed. A huge part of the project is the excellent work our volunteers do. We have numerous volunteers who have assisted with our postal offer, garden gate visits and support calls. We also have been able to access hard to reach lonely individuals through the creation of our referral form and by identifying and establishing links with numerous providers in the community. These partnerships have created a solid referral pathway that enables us to identify and help those who are really in need of support and social interaction.

Our support is always individualised and caters to the needs of the people we engage with.

To date we have successfully engaged with nearly 700 individuals. Through our excellent networking and partnership work we have been able to create a real sense of community and in turn, tackle loneliness together.