Pool Together

Working in partnership with the EFL Trust and DCMS we have delivered a Tackling Loneliness Together project, aimed at improving social inclusion and decreasing social isolation. We utilised four methods of support: phone calls, postal support, garden gate visits and online social groups, which saw us engage over 800 individuals.

To further tackle social isolation in the community, thanks to support from Postcode Neighbourhood Trust and People’s Postcode Lottery, this programme has evolved into our new referral-based programme ‘Pool Together’, where we will continue to support our community to reduce loneliness and isolation by providing them with access to enriching activities, opportunities to build new friendships and enjoy a sense of belonging, all of which will improve their wellbeing.

One aspect of this is our POOL Together magazine, you can read all of our published issues here.

For further information, please email info@bfcct.co.uk or call Rachel on 07597786098