Tower Above

Tower Above is a preventative programme working together with Blackpool Families in Need, aimed at 8-12-year-olds on the periphery of involvement in anti-social behaviour or crime. Young people are assigned a 1:1 mentor (Youth Engagement Officer) with whom they co-design a personal development plan. Sport and physical activity are used as a hook to engage individuals in constructive activities, away from disruptive peers/influences and making bad choices. 

Sport and physical activity will form part of 1:1 mentoring sessions, allowing young people to build confidence, talk about any issues or challenges they may face and provide a way to positively foster their interests and talents. By engaging with Tower Above, it is the hope that young people will change their attitudes towards anti-social behaviour and access positive provisions that will continue to improve their personal development.

Funding contributions come from the Premier League Charitable Fund and Blackpool Council.

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