Project ADDER

Project ADDER (Addiction, Diversion, Disruption, Enforcement, Recovery) is a three year pilot funded by the Home Office and managed by Public Health Blackpool.

The project is aimed at reducing drug related deaths and moving individuals away from drug addiction. By using a new, system-wide approach, multi-agency partners will work closely together and form two multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) that support Adults (25+) and Young People (under 25).

The Adult team will be working with individuals who are deemed to be most at risk of drug related death, with an addiction to substances such as crack cocaine and opiates.

The Young People’s team will be working with vulnerable individuals with complex needs to get their lives back on track and prevent further involvement with substance misuse and criminal behaviour.

Each individual will be assigned a key worker that they are suited to and feel they will engage best with. This worker will support individuals to address their specific needs, making the most of the ‘wrap around’ support available from the MDT and explore positive pathways for individuals to access.

Blackpool FC Community Trust staff will play a key role across both MDT’s by supporting young people and adults as key workers and providing one-to-one support to address their issues and put positive solutions in place.

The other role will be to provide meaningful one-to-one and group activities for individuals to access that will keep them occupied and support their recovery from drug addiction. Activities such as football, boxercise, walk and talk, table tennis, running, cycling etc. will provide ways for individuals to learn new skills, meet new people and improve their physical and mental health, whilst also supporting their recovery from substance misuse.

By supporting individuals to attend meaningful community activities, it is hoped they will feel empowered and confident, enabling them to sustain their involvement in community activity long term, without any support.

Referrals are taken to the Adult ADDER or Young ADDER multi-disciplinary teams to be discussed. Referral forms can be requested from and sent to the below contacts:

Adult ADDER –

Young ADDER –           

For any further information regarding the role of BFCCT in Project ADDER, please contact